Life is Short, Eat More Pizza!


Established in 1995, The Blue Moose was the first of the current GROUP970 restaurant concepts.  The pizzeria began as a small counter service restaurant, located in the heart of the Beaver Creek Village.  However, after ten years of consistently dishing out great NY Style pies, an opportunity arrived for the Moose to grow both in restaurant size and offering.  The restaurant opened it's doors from its' current location, in the Poste Montane Lodge, at the far end of the Beaver Creek Plaza with an expanded menu, full bar and full service.  

In 2007 an ideal location became available in Beaver Creek's neighboring resort of Vail.  Offering a similar family friendly, community atmosphere, and located just steps from yet another ice rink, the Lionshead Village location became an easy fit for a brand new Blue Moose location, which opened in December 2007.


Family Friendly to the Core


The Blue Moose is a natural family favorite.  Kid friendly to the core… from the menu selection to the walls adorned with drawings created by local fifth and sixth graders to the paper tableclothes and crayons (perfect for impromptu coloring sessions) the Blue Moose is a great choice for family’s of all kinds, shapes and sizes.

Our Blue Moose Crust


The Blue Moose traditional pizza crust has remained consistent since the restaurant first opened in 1995.  Though the recipe will remain a secret, we can tell you that the crust is made from scratch at each location, using only the freshest of ingredients, prior to hand tossing the pies to order each day.  Creating a consistently delicious pizza crust is not the easiest of tasks, but is one that our dedicated pizza chefs have taken great pride in over the past fifteen plus years.  And though we feel the Blue Moose traditional pizza crust is pretty darn perfect, we did add a new, healthier twist this past winter season. The Blue Moose now offers a choice of crusts, the traditional, or our new whole wheat pizza crust.  Home-made from stone ground wheat flour the new crust provides an equally delicious new alternative to enjoy.

Wanting to create a crust that matched the quality of our traditional crust the Blue Moose Team put a significant amount of time in to perfecting the new recipe.  Although they had become quite used to the challenges presented by the variables of pizza dough production, the stone ground wheat proved to be a little bit trickier than anticipated.  The stone ground wheat is a heavier grain, with the entire grain still intact, which causes a bit of difficulty in dough production.  This challenge was met by developing a special mixing technique with the whole wheat flour, in which we allow the flour to “soak” prior to mixing with other ingredients, along with a small portion of white flour to help in the dough-setting process; we are able to produce a consistent dough in a high volume environment.

Having addressed the challenges presented in making the dough, we were met with yet another new variable created by the increased “weight” of the dough, which creates a more fragile dough than we are accustomed to with our traditional dough.  This forced our pizza cooks to adapt a little to the new dough, but after a little practice the pizza lines at all locations were able to deliver the high-quality product expected of a Blue Moose Pizza crust on a consistent basis.

The Blue Moose recognizes that more and more people are actively seeking out a healthier way of life, one small choice at a time, so we as a restaurant wanted to provide a signature pizza crust that supported this idea.  We believe that we’ve accomplished this with our new whole wheat crust and our customers have responded well, so well that we now also include our “salad pizza,” a deliciously healthy twist on to your normal pie, served on our wheat crust.